Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More places to visit!

What do you think about a walk in our Park? I knew you would like it. But first of all I need to show you the other objectives of the village. Turn back and go past the bank and round the disco. This is the City Hall, right in the front of the Rainbow High School and University. Beside it there is the Church and the Cemetery. Across the Cemetery there is the Rainbow Village Museum of Art and the Library because we have a lot of talented villagers that love to read, write and paint.

We’re almost there. Here is the Kindergarten and the Elementary School. Kids love going to school here because they have a lot of friends to play with, a tube, some swings and lots of toys.

If you go past the Kindergarten you will see the park. There is a space open for tourists and a restricted area called “The Wild Zone” where only Rainbow Villagers can go. It is said that inside the forest there are a lot of dangerous animals brought from the Earth that were tamed by the villagers.

I know you already love this place, but your parents are waiting for you to get back, but you can come whenever you want. The rainbow villagers will wait for you.

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