Prizes and Awards

eTwinning Label

From the Forum des Enseignants Innovants

Here is a certificate testifying that our project had been selected out of 230 other projects from all over France.

The Polish Quality Label

The Italian Quality Label

The Greek Quality Label

The French Quality Label

The Turkish Quality Label

The Romanian Quality Label

 European Quality Label (Greece)

European Quality Label (France)

European Quality Label (Romania)

European Quality Label (Turkey)

European Quality Label (Poland)

European Quality Label (Italy)

eTwinning Regional Conference in Poland

Our partner from Poland, Stanislawa Czerezdrecka, was invited to attend the eTwinning Regional Conference and present the Rainbow Village project, as one of the best projects in their region for 2011-2012.  Stasia created a video for this event  and we would like to share it here with you!

1st National Prize in France

We are happy to announce you that 'the Rainbow village project' was awarded the 1st prize in the French National eTwinning awards 2012!
Results of the French National eTwinning awards 2012

An Award from Turkey

Our Turkish partner, Innap Kaya, was invited to attend the etwinning workshop that was organized in Antalya, Turkey between December 22-25th, 2012. The Rainbow Village project was awarded a prize for being one of the best projects of 2011-2012 in Turkey. Our Turkish partner presented it to about 200 teachers, prepared an exhibition stand and handed out about 150 brochures. The project received lots of compliments from Turkish colleagues, they all loved the idea and the project itself.

National Awards Ceremony in France

"On January 16th, we travelled to Paris. It was quite an experience for the two students we had chosen : one of them has never been to Paris while the other one had never flown. We had time to do some sightseeing. And at two o'clock sharp, we reached the Ministry of Education. Our students did a great job and they acted just as professionals. Some people told me later that their performance was great and that they could see Camille and Solène had rehearsed. Such ceremony was fascinating and convinced us that etwinning is really fantastic."
                                 Isabelle Bonnassiess

The Rainbow Village at the BETT

"The e-twinning bureau kindly invited me to present our project at the BETT, in London. I must say that this was a fantastic opportunity to take our project out of class and share it with European colleagues. Mrs Anne Gilleran and M. Eugenio Rivière kindly questioned me. Two days to be remembered!"
Isabelle Bonassiess

The Rainbow Village in the Shortlist 2013!

The Rainbow Village project made it to the shortlist! From over 120 projects submitted, the shortlist is a collection of the most valuable projects that made it to the final evaluation round. Congratulations to all!
List of all shortlisted projects

1st Prize in the European eTwinning awards 2013 and overall winner!

"From over 120 project submissions, we are pleased to announce the winners of the three age categories and six special categories. These projects demonstrated excellent achievements and we look forward to rewarding them in person at the eTwinning Conference on 14 March 2013 in Lisbon during a special prize-giving ceremony."
Pupils age 12-15
  •  Isabelle Bonnassies, Collège Jean Lacaze, Grisolles, France
  • Paraskevi Belogia, Primary School of Grizano (Δημοτικό Σχολείο Γριζάνου), Τρίκαλα, Greece
  • Artemiza Lovin, Sc. Gimn. Nr.29 Galati, Galati, Romania
  • Helena Butterfield, St Michael's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Comprehensive School, Billingham, United Kingdom
  • İnnap Kaya, 50. Yıl Ortaokulu, Samsun, Turkey
  • Ivana Natali, Istituto Comprensivo Statale di Sermide, Sermide (MN), Italy
  • Katarína Hybenová, Gymnázium M. M. Hodžu, Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia
  • Stanisława Czerezdrecka, Zespół Szkół w Dąbrowie, Dąbrowa Opolska, Poland
"This year's top prize is awarded to the 'Rainbow Village' project which brought together 12-15-year-olds in France, Greece, Romania, the UK, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia and Poland! The pupils created a virtual post-Armageddon world and explored the challenges of survival, conservation, identity and citizenship." (source: European Commission)
Congratulations to all of the participants!!

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