How the story unfolds

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Global warming has totally destroyed the earth. Water now covers it all. Chaos surrounds you. Suddenly, you see a ladder that takes you up in the sky. You discover a new land high above the clouds . A rainbow rises. You will build there a city that respects the human and natural environment !! Welcome to our « rainbow village » !

On the doorsteps of the Rainbow Village

The adventure continues ... Remember ! You have climbed up a ladder and now you are high above the clouds.
Imagine ! In the far distance ... a long column of survivors ... and, at its end, a huge table with strange creatures half men, half sea animals ...What are they doing ? They are collecting information on the survivors on a big computized register, the Rainbow Village Golden Book. This data is used to form groups from the same origin.
So get ready to complete your identity card !
Once you have registered in the Rainbow Village Golden Book, walk on with your partner(s) till you reach a door.  A new challenge awaits you ... At the entrance of the Village a fearful dragon welcomes you and tells you:
 “Now you are going to meet your new friends from different origins to form new groups with French, Greeks, Poles,Turks Romanians, English, Italians and Slovaks.  But, first of all, have a look at the Rainbow Village Golden Book. Answer my question and find who is who ... you will then be allowed to enter the Rainbow Village.”
Once you have successfully met this challenge, you are ready to become citizens of the Village where English or French are the official languages. Don't worry ! Some language experts will soon be appointed.

One last thing ! You are starting a new life ! As such leave your former identity and take new one. Write an article in the Rainbow Village WikiGazette relating the "birth" of your avatar. 

Congratulations !

 You have successfully registered in the Rainbow Village Golden Book, you have endorsed new avatar identities and you have met your fellow survivors.  The dragon has allowed you to go in and the half men and half sea creatures are leading you to the village door ... Only a few meters more, there is a huge golden door with jewels and stones that shine in the sun and flash blue, green, red ... lights. You push it harder and harder. But ... what is happening ??? Why can't you open it ? Suddenly a survivor shouts :
"Look ! In the hole ! A scroll ! Let's read it and see what it says !"
A dragon lies asleep behind the door thus blocking access to your Village. Listen to this song, sing its first stanza and the dragon will wake up and the door will open.
Full of hope, you enter when, all of a sudden ... you feel swept off the ground by powerful robots and taken to a desert place ... A creature half fairy and half mermaid looms up:  
"Hark dear fellows !
This is it ! you are face to face with your new destiny.  Just a tiny piece of land and in your hands it will grow into a village and even a kingdom. Now it is up to you ! Build your village from the ground up and create your village to your image!"
Imagine a village with no boundaries ...
The half fairy and half mermaid creatures have softly dropped the survivors who, full of hope and joy, enter the Rainbow Village. They were ready to face their marvellous destiny and lay the ground for their new village. First they have organized a general election to appoint their leader so they have voted for election rules and they have listened to several candidates presenting their programmes. Then they have chosen the best one because he was the wisest and the strongest man.
Can you see them ? They are now parading the village. They are proudly walking past multi-colour houses, the fruit like-building and the lollipops trees until they reach a pole with a bunch of flowers at its top. Suddenly they lift their head and see a chariot pulled by three eagles. They hover, go down and turn around the village. What are they holding in their claws ? It looks like a piece of material ! It's their flag!
A man, surrounded by fantastic animals : dragons, minotaurs, centaurs and licorns is standing nearby. All of a sudden, the magic animals gather in an alley and start playing the trumpets. The man walks past the crowd and waves at them. Who is he ? the people wonder. But listen ! He's started talking ! 
“Hark fellow citizens ! Welcome to the Rainbow Village, your village ! I am your mayor. I have organized a party to celebrate your arrival. Please follow the dragons and their assistants, the blue minotaurs, to register. But first you must meet these two challenges : share a dish from your country and share a dance. And the masterpiece of this event : the singing of our national anthem !"