Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Mall and the Stadium of the Rainbow Village!

I understand that after dancing or watching a play you may be hungry, so turn back and go past the cinema and the disco and you will see the Mall. Go inside the Mall and you will found lots of restaurants. Oh, I forgot to say that most of them are for vegetarians, but don’t worry (again, first rule), there are one or two restaurants that also serve meat.

Now that you’re not hungry anymore, you should go to see a match. The stadium isn’t really far from here. It is tight next to the mall. Alright, we’re here. Have a seat and enjoy the match between the Bows of Rain, our team, and the Raindrops, the opponent team. Look out there! One of the Bows of Rain heads towards the gate he shoots and SCORES! The Bows of the Rain win!

I bet you loved the match. What? You’re broke? Let me think a second. Oh, there’s a bank near the police station. I forgot to show it while we still were near the “Entertaining Zone”.

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