Monday, July 2, 2012

The Council of the Elders: Isabelle

Hello ,
My name is Isabelle. I am 52 years old. I am married with three children aged 12 to 15. I am small with brown hair and brown eyes. I spent most of my childhood in a middle sized town near Limoges, the town where china is made. I then lived in various French towns and also lived abroad in London and Ottawa. When I came back to Europe, I lived in Lille where part of my family came from. But I decided to move south as I was looking for a better climate !
I started teaching English some twenty-five years ago first to adults and students. I also worked as a translator in a company for several years but I missed the contact with students. I have been teaching English in high school for seven years so far. It is a small school with about 550 pupils. It is set in the countryside and from the classrooms we can see fields.
I don't really have hobbies as I don't have much free time. I love reading as it enables me to escape the humdrum of every day life and I enjoy travelling and visiting places.

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