Saturday, June 23, 2012

A pleasant surprise by our Romanian partners!

Since we have had 2 beautiful years of e-twinning, our teacher thought a couple of days ago that it was time to celebrate. It was teacher’s idea, but we agreed immediately. We first thought it was just a meeting to discuss the next tasks for the project, but a big chocolate cake was waiting for us to sweeten the celebration. We were about 25 students from 5 different classes that were involved in etwinning projects; 14 Rainbow Villagers but also some older students in our school that had taken part in a very successful project the previous year, ‘Young Poets Society’.

So, we gathered together and changed opinions about the project that made us cooperate with students and teachers from other countries. I suddenly realized what this entire project meant to me. I made new friends, I learned a lot of things and now I can say that I used my imagination the way I wanted, helped by our teacher. And who says that you can’t have fun writing? I only hope this won’t be the last activity coordinated by her because that moment there will be nobody to help me use my creativity. Thank you teacher! I want you to know that you mean a lot to us. 
written by 
Teodora Patriche – inhabitant of the rainbow Village

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