Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Rainbow Village Inhabitants: a lifeguard and a fish shop owner

The swimming pool is big, white with some windows. I get up at 11.30 am and I work from 12.30 am till 8.30 pm. But, on Tuesday and Thursday, I begin at 8.30 am. The swimming pool is a few streets from the bakery and not far from the firestation.To get to the swimming pool from the firestation, turn right, turn right again. You can park your car near the swimming pool.
Every morning I wake up at three o'clock. I go to the auction room to select and buy my products (fish, crustaceans ..) Then at 7 a.m., I go to my shop to install my fish and crustaceans. My store is open from 8 am to 1pm and from 4 to 7 pm. Then I tidy and clean my shop during one hour. At last, I go home, my work day ends at 9 pm.

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