Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Laws of the Rainbow Village: The French Proposal

*The Rainbow Village will provide many facilities in sport, culture, education, transport and health.
*To prevent traffic jams in the rush hour, people must use public transport such as trains, trams and the underground.
*Every child of the village should have the opportunity to practice one or several sports at school such as football, tennis or golf.
*At night, the public lights of the city will be switched off to prevent pollution of the earth.
*Department stores and supermarket will be open until midnight

-You can drive from the age of 9.
-Give money to help families to practice sport
-Help local businesses

-Throw litter
-Fish in the river
-Kill endangered species
-Only the fishmonger can fish

-you must protect the village against dangerous invaders
-you must protect the civilians
-you must give money to the poor
-Register on an electoral roll
-Be a citizen
-Be over 9
-Only one vote pen person

-Have a police record
-Act violently
-Kill other citizens
-Racket people

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